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“the beauty of the world resides in the diversity of its people.”

I have learned so much this semester. I have learned how much more a culture is than just race or ethnicity. Culture can be in many aspects of our lives and we are constantly surrounded by different types of culture. Throughout this semester we have talked about how important it is to not only be accepting of different cultures, but also to be understanding. One thing that was very interesting that we talked about a lot was privilege. I never knew that being privileged had its own culture and it is something that I had never really thought about before doing all the activities that we did in regards to it. The most important thing about privilege I learned was to recognize and be aware of it. I’ve always been someone that believes everything needs to be equal, however, different privileges allow different advantages that need to be considered.
So many of the activities and videos we watched gave me such a different perspective. I always considered myself very culturally accepting, but after watching some of the videos on stereotyping I realized that it is something I sometimes subconsciously do. Whenever I go get my nails done, I always find myself speaking slower and louder to the cute Asian ladies working on my nails. After watching these videos, I have changed that behavior realizing how it could come across. This class and these different perspectives and understandings of different cultures have already helped shape my behaviors when I am communicating with other cultures.
I have absolutely loved working with the refugees, and this is something that really helped my understanding and desire to be more culturally accepting and understanding. It was so amazing to see just how many similarities we have even with these cultural differences.
My favorite part was seeing the humor come out and break the language barrier especially.

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