I absolutely love learning about culture and all the different diversity that it entails. I am lucky enough to have been able to experience many different cultures in my lifetime. My dad was born in Syria and immigrated to the U.S. when he was younger, so I was raised in a big, loving, Armenian family. They do things a lot differently, and I grew up seeing a lot of my dads siblings in their arranged marriages and different way of living. They brought a lot of traditions and components from the “old-land,” so I was raised on Armenian food, growing out hair and wearing black after a death of a family member, going to Armenian school, and participating in Armenian funerals. 

In Chapter 2, we talked about different components and mores that are apart of culture. It is so interesting to learn about these when it is something we have participated in our whole lives.  For example, some hidden components in American culture is not to talk about weight or even body changes in general. However, in Armenian and Middle Eastern culture, there is no offense in bringing up how much weight you’ve gained or the size of your feet or the acne on your face. This blunt truth is something that isn’t considered rude or impolite, even though to Americans it is incredibly innapropriate. 

We learn so many different aspects to our social identification in our different cultures we are raised in as well as surrounded by. It is so interesting to learn about something we might not necessarily be aware of even though it is something we are involved in everyday.  

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